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WMT#3: Taking Inspiration from the Computing Field

If They Can, We Can Too: Why Improving the State of Gender Diversity at GTCMT Should not be Viewed as an Impossibility

by Zachary Kondak If one takes a look at the students at GTCMT, it becomes blatantly obvious that there is an imbalance between the number of women and men. The goal of Women in Music Tech at Georgia Tech is to try and reduce this imbalance as much as possible. This goal may seem impossible to some, given the current state of gender diversity in the program. However, as the results of similar efforts in varying fields have shown, it is actually very possible to succeed at this goal. … More

Ada Lovelace

Portrait of Ada Lovelace (2016) by Deeds Davis. Article by Anna Xambó Jan 16, 2017 Ada Lovelace is known as … More

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