Month: February 2017

Internship with Dr. Frank Clark on 3D Printed Flute

Photo: Left Victoria Kraj, right Dr. Frank Clark. by Victoria Kraj Feb 8, 2017 “All good things usually start with paperwork,” is what Dr. Frank Clark, Chair of the Georgia Tech School of Music, said to me as he began signing off on my school’s internship permission forms to be my mentor. Now that I think…
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Gender Imbalance and Music Technology

By Mason Bretan About a month ago I was asked to write an article for the WMT newsletter regarding the very broad topic of gender imbalance in music technology. While it is not surprising that a gender imbalance exists given that such gender biases are present in most technological fields, the imbalance is more extreme…
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Celebrate International Women’s Day with the Yorkshire Sound Women on March 4th

Open doors event to celebrate 18 months of the Yorkshire Sound Women Network an the International Women’s day at the University of Huddersfield. The interdisciplinary event will involve composers, sonic artists, engineers, and coders. Read more here

Master blaster: the woman making Björk, Aphex Twin and Eno sound so good – The Guardian

An article about the mastering engineer Mandy Parnell, who has worked with big names such as Chemical Brothers, Brian Eno, Aphex Twin and Björk. Read more here

Birmingham filmmakers make SXSW debut with Suzanne Ciani documentary – Al.com

The new documentary “A Life in Waves” will be presented at the Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas in March. This film focuses on the life of Suzanne Ciani, an Italian American panist and composer of electronic music. Read more here

Playlist: 18 Russian Women Making Electronic Music You Should Listen to – indie-guides.com

A selection of 18 Russian women electronic musicians from the Moscow-based singer-songwriter and music producer Jekka. Read more here