Executive Board 2023

Qianyi Rose Sun



BS+MS Music Tech // 2022 Vice President

Expertise: Computational Ethnomusicology, Performative HRI

Maria Belgodere Pagan

Vice President


BS Music Tech // 2022 Acting Secretary

Karn Watcharasupat



PhD Music Tech // 2022-2023 Web Admin

Expertise: Audio Machine Learning

Kaitlyn Nguyen



BS Music Tech


Claire Arthur

Faculty advisor

Assistant Professor

Expertise: Computational Musicology, Cognitive Science

Jason Freeman

Safe Space Faculty

Professor of Music // Chair of the School of Music

Expertise: Distributed Music, Composition, Computer Education

Alexander Lerch

Faculty Web Admin

Associate Professor // Director of GTCMT Graduate Programs

Expertise: Music Information Retrieval, Digital Signal Processing

Current Members

Rosa Westfall


2021-2022 WiMT President
MS Music Tech

Expertise: Music Recording & Mixing, Music Perception

Dani Leinwander


2023 Peer-Sharing Coordinator
MS Music Tech

Lauren McCall


MS+PhD Music Tech

John McNamara


MS+PhD Music Tech

Noel Alben


MS Music Tech

Joann Ching


MS Music Tech

Vedant Kalbag


MS Music Tech

Sile Yin


MS Music Tech

Jiaying Li


MS Music Tech

Neha Rajagopalan


MS Music Tech

Jocelyn Kavanagh


BS+MS Music Tech

Kyla Jenkins


BS Neuroscience

Isabella Bryant


BS Music Tech

Sidney Britton


BS Music Tech

Nitya Jani


BS Music Tech

Kaitlyn O'Boyle




Léa Ikkache


WiMT Co-Founder & 2016-2017 Chair
MS Music Tech (2015-2017)

Expertise: Robotics, Education and Communication

Anna Xambó


WiMT Co-Founder & 2016-2017 Co-Chair
Postdoctoral Fellow (2015-2017)

Expertise: Interactive Systems, Music Technology and HCI

Rhythm Jain


2021 Vice President
MS Music Tech (2021-2022)

Sophia Mehdizadeh


2022 Treasurer
MS+PhD Music Tech (2020-2022)

Expertise: Psychophysiological Correlates of Musical Preferences, Music and Emotion

Ashis Pati


Event Coordinator
PhD Music Tech (2015-2020)

Expertise: Music Information Retrieval, Audio Signal Processing

Anna Weisling


Web & Graphic Designer
PhD Digital Media (2015-2020)

Expertise: Digital Media

Jack Armitage


Graphic Designer
Visiting PhD Media & Arts (2017)

Expertise: Digital Musical Instrument Design

Amruta Vidwans


Newsletter Editor-in-Chief
MS Music Tech (2015-2017)

Expertise: Music Information Retrieval

Tori Kraj


Newsletter Editor-in-Chief
BS Computational Media (2017-2021)

Expertise: Instrument Design and Music Performance

Ally Stout


Newsletter Editor-in-Chief
BS Music Tech (2017-2021)

Expertise: Music Theory, Performance, and History

Jyoti Narang


Web Admin
MS Music Tech (2017-2019)

Expertise: Music Information Retrieval

Adrianna Bernardo


News Reporter
BS BME (2016-2021)

Expertise: News Collection and Communication

Carson Myers


Community Manager
BS Music Tech (2017-2021)

Expertise: Music Performance

Qinying Lei


MS Music Tech (2020-2022)

Kelian Mike Li


MS Music Tech (2021-2022)

Takahiko Tsuchiya


PhD Music Tech (2015-2020)

Expertise: Data Sonification and Analytics

Mike Winters


PhD Music Tech (2014-2020)

Expertise: Music Cognition

Siddharth Gururani


PhD Music Tech (2015-2020)

Expertise: Music Information Retrieval and Machine Learning

Tejas Rode


MS Music Tech (2017-2019)

Expertise: Music Information Retrieval and Computational Music

Zachary Kondak


MS Music Tech (2016-2018)

Expertise: Real-Time Interactive Music Systems

Deanna Jackson


MS Music Tech (2016-2017)

Expertise: Music Cognition

Gerard Roma


Postdoctoral Fellow

Expertise: Machine Listening, Interactive Systems, and Network Music