High School Outreach

Gender disparities in interest for technology appear at an early age, which is why we found it important to try to engage Middle School and High School students in both music technology and pursuing engineering higher education in general. This Spring we’ve prepared activities for two events at Georgia Tech. Both events aimed at introducing High Schoolers to the world of College, and we showed music technology demos to inspire the students who were visiting the campus.

EarSketch Workshop

8th grade students in the EarSketch workshop

The first event was in collaboration with Westside Communities Alliance (WCA), who brought 8th grade girls to Georgia Tech. We organized an EarSketch workshop, where the girls coded for their first time, while composing a short song. EarSketch is an online tool to teach computer science, where you can compose your own music through lines of code!

Inventure Day Demo

Inventure Day Jelly piano demo

The second event was a demo at Inventure Prize, where hundreds of high school and middle school students came on campus to show their engineering inventions. We presented a Jelly piano, Onde Martenot, Turntable and MIDI fighter, as well as a video about our robots, and we encouraged students to look up the Georgia Tech Music Tech program.



We thank ADVANCE Program for funding our demo at Inventure Prize. We are also very thankful to WCA (Madden Mackenzie & Davis-Faulkner) and Inventure Prize (Roxanne Moore & Jasmine Patel) for allowing us to present Music Tech at their events. Finally we were glad to collaborate with Project Music Connector, Avrosh Kumar, and Hanoi Hantrakul.