The graduate program at Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology invites seminar speakers every Monday for hour-long discussions about a Music Tech related project or company. For the 2015/2016 year (before the creation of Women in Music Tech) we had only male speakers at these seminars, mainly because there are not many women working on Music Technology in the metro Atlanta area. The department realized that there was room for improvement, and the following year we had over 50% female speakers. Yay!

In addition, a combination of funding allowed for the travel of 3 non-local female speakers to Atlanta to present seminars: Grace Leslie, Elizabeth Margulis, and Yuxi Zhang (click on their names to see the interviews we did with them for our newsletter).

In addition, we tried to strengthen the alumni/student/seminar speaker network by organizing lunches. For 3 seminar speakers (see pictures below) we organized and funded networking lunches with 5 to 6 students; which allowed them to share about their research, ideas and aspirations.

We warmly thank the department GTCMT and the School of Music for flying 2 of the speakers to Atlanta, Women’s Resource Center for funding the lunches, and the Women Leadership Conference for the award they gave us, which helped fund the travel of the third speaker.


Elizabeth Margulis Music Cognition Lab at the University of Arkansas
Roxanne Moore
Education Technology Modeling, Gerogia Tech
Yuxi Zhang
Engineer at Pandora