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Sounding the Feminists: Promoting Creative Female Musicians – The Irish Times

This article presents the Irish initiative Sounding the Feminists, which aims at promoting and publicizing the creative work of female musicians. Read more here  

Girls, Guitars and Sexism in the Music Industry – sky NEWS

This article discusses how the world of the electric guitar is also changing toward having more gender balance and less gender stereotypes. Examples include the music brand Fender who realized that 50% sales from last year were to women, Chantel McGregor who is one of top-guitar players in Britain, and the specialist music fanzine Ladyfuzz…
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Measuring Up – MIT Technology Review

This article presents the work of Nancy Hopkins, an American molecular biologist and Professor of Biology at MIT. The article explains her efforts during her career as a women in STEM and the efforts in her institution MIT to bring more women into the STEM fields. Read more here  

The Google Engineer’s Memo Shows the Stereotypes that Keep Women Out of STEM – Vox

This article discusses the memo written by the Google engineer James Damore criticizing the company’s diversity programs. The article talks about open issues of why there are not more women in technology, including stereotypes and biases. Read more here  

Sorry, Google Memo Man: Women Were in Tech Long Before You – The Guardian

This article counter-argues the controversial manifesto written by James Damore on women in tech role by giving historical evidence that women were the original computer programmers. Read more here  

Female Pioneers in Audio Engineering – IntelligentSoundDesignEngineering

This blog posts revises the work of female pioneers in audio engineering. Read more here  

The Top 35 Female Composers in Classical Music – The Washington Post

This article presents the work of 35 female composers in classical music, including short bios and videos. Read more here  

Esperanza Spalding Is Now A Harvard Professor – Blavity

This article highlights that the award-winning musician Esperanza Spalding has been appointed a Harvard Professor of the practice in the Department of Music. Read more here  

An Advocate for Classical Music and Women – The New York Times

An interview with Gillian Moore, the music director of London’s Southbank Center. In Gillian’s agenda there is the promotion of contemporary classical music, as well as female composers and conductors. Read more here  

The Problem With Women Working In Audio – Pro Tools Expert

This article talks about unconscious bias in music industry and highlights a number of women who have done great work in audio engineering. The article also promotes two initiatives that support women in the music industry: Women’s Audio Mission and #NormalNotNovelty. Read more here