Executive Board 2023

President (2023); Vice President (2021-2022)

MSMT; BSMT 2018-2022
Expertise: Computational Ethnomusicology, Performative HRI

Vice President (2023)


Treasurer (2023)

Music Tech PhD
Expertise: Music Information Retrieval, Signal Processing, Machine Learning

Secretary (2023)


Current Members

Rosa Westfall

President (2021-2022)

Expertise: Music Recording & Mixing, Music Perception

Music Tech PhD


Jiaying Li


BS Neuroscience

Music Tech PhD
MSMT 2020-2022

Sile Yin


BSMT 2018-2022



Faculty Members

Faculty Advisor

Assistant Professor
Expertise: Computational Musicology, Cognitive Science

Safe Space Professor

Professor of Music; Chair of the School of Music
Expertise: Distributed Music, Composition, Computer Education

Web Admin

Associate Professor; Director of Graduate Programs
Expertise: Music Information Retrieval, Digital Signal Processing


Co-Founder & Chair

MSMT 2015-2017
Expertise: Robotics, Education and Communication

Treasurer (2021-2022)

Music Tech PhD 2022
MSMT 2020-2021

Expertise: Psychophysiological Correlates of Musical Preferences, Music and Emotion

Event Coordinator

Music Tech PhD 2015-2020
Expertise: Music Information Retrieval, Audio Signal Processing

Newsletter Editor-in-Chief

BS Computational Media 2017-2021
Expertise: Instrument Design and Music Performance

Web Admin

MSMT 2017-2019
Expertise: Music Information Retrieval

Community Manager

BSMT 2017-2021
Expertise: Music Performance

MSMT 2020-2022

MSMT 2021-2022

MSMT 2015-2017
Expertise: Music Information Retrieval

MSMT 2016-2017
Expertise: Music Cognition

Postdoctoral Fellow
Expertise: Machine Listening, Interactive Systems, and Network Music

Music Tech PhD 2014-2020
Expertise: Music Cognition

Co-Founder & Co-Chair

Postdoctoral Fellow 2015-2017
Expertise: Interactive Systems, Music Technology and HCI

Vice President (2021)

MSMT 2021-2022

Web & Graphic Designer

Digital Media PhD 2015-2020
Expertise: Digital Media

Graphic Designer

Visiting Media & Arts Tech PhD 2017
Expertise: Digital Musical Instrument Design

Newsletter Editor-in-Chie

BSMT 2017-2021
Expertise: Music Theory, Performance, and History

News Reporter

BS Biomedical Engineering 2016-2021
Expertise: News Collection and Communication

MSMT 2017-2019
Expertise: Music Information Retrieval and Computational Music

MSMT 2016-2018
Expertise: Real-Time Interactive Music Systems

Music Tech PhD 2015-2020
Expertise: Music Information Retrieval and Machine Learning

Music Tech PhD 2015-2020
Expertise: Data Sonification and Analytics