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The Top 35 Female Composers in Classical Music – The Washington Post

This article presents the work of 35 female composers in classical music, including short bios and videos. Read more here  

Music Critic: Mirga ‘Needs to Find Her Inner Man’ – Slipped Disc

This article describes the controversial comments of a Telegraph’s music critic reflecting on Mirga Gražinytė-Tyla’s opening year as music director in Birmingham saying that she ‘needs to find her inner man’. Read more  

UC San Diego Professor Pens Book on ‘Switched-On Bach’ – The San Diego Union-Tribune

This article presents the upcoming book “Wendy Carlos’ Switched-On Bach”, written by Roshanak Kheshti, professor at University of California San Diego’s. This book talks about Wendy Carlos’ 1968 “Switched-On Back” album, which interpreted Bach classics using a Moog synthesizer. Read more here  

How Daphne Oram’s Radical Turntable Experiments Were Brought to Life after 70 Years – Factmag.com

This article discusses Daphne Oram’s piece for turntables and orchestra, “Still Point”. So ahead in time! Read more here