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Meet The Female Coders Pushing Electronic Music Into The Future – mixmag

This article presents the Algorave scene of live coding improvisation of electronic and dance music from the perspective of nine female live coders or bands: Norah Lorway, Belisha Beacon, Joanne Armitage, Alexandra Cardenas, Lina Bautista, Shelly Knotts, Algobabez, Heavy Lifting, and Miri Kat. Read more here  

Gender Parity in Electronic Music by 2020 – 6AM

This article talks about a diversity panel and roundtable brunch held during the International Music Summit (IMS) to discuss how to bring more gender balance in dance music. Read more here  

Stop Saying There isn’t a Strong Female Presence in Dance Music – Mixmag.net

Although the opinion of certain relevant figures in dance music about the lack of female music producers,┬áthis article counter-argues this statement, evidenced by collectives such as Discwoman, Female:Pressure and Work In Progress. Read more here