Big Questions

Article by Anna Weisling June 29, 2017 Photo: Still image from LADY EFFULGENT “THE UPRISING” by Tabita Svane. One of the questions we are tasked with asking ourselves at Women in Music Tech (WiMT) is, “Will ______ bring more women into the field of music technology?” This is a simple question, but one which is worth thinking […]

The Myth of Women’s Empowerment – The New York Times

Since 1980s feminists, the term empowerment has thrived into today’s society; however, political mobilization, which gave women the empowerment, was lost. Many western organizations focus on giving non-western women items that tie in with a one-time economic cost, which no studies conducted have shown that any of these efforts have actually empowered women. How empowerment […]

Sonic Cyberfeminisms – University of Lincoln

Two days of talks, workshops and performances exploring the connections between gender, sound and technology held at the University of Lincoln in the UK. Dates: May 5 – May 6, 2017 Read more here

The top 8 all-female lineups of 2016 –

This article summarizes the top 8 all-female lineups of 2016 across the world. The selected events were held in Australia, England, Germany (4 different events), Mexico, and Spain. Although this approach can be seen as extreme feminism, the authors of the article expect to raise awareness about the general trend of booking a few women […]

Sonic Cyberfeminisms: Call for Contributions

Sonic Cyberfeminisms will be held at the University of Lincoln, UK, 5-6th May 2017. Contributions include research papers, standpoint papers, workshop proposals, and performances. Five bursaries are available to help cover travel, accommodation and childcare costs. Deadline for proposals: 12 February 2017 Read more here


An annual conference organized by Creative Research in Sound Arts Practice (CRiSAP) that features live performance, audiovisual work, and paper presentations. SGFA establishes an open discussion about feminism and sound. This year the topic is around the auditory and social protocols of White Noise. More information at: