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If Someone Tells You There’s No Women Producers, Send Them This Compilation – FADER

This article presents a 20-track playlist of electronic music curated by the Sister collective, a global network of women. Read more here  

AGF — Dys-Russian FreeQUencies 4th May 2017 – Fair Play

The well-known music producer AKG presents a compilation of 24 female Russian composers and producers. Listen to the mixed playlist here

Female Electronica//Indie Rock//Hip Hop #10 Playlist – Mixcloud.com

A playlist of female musicians and composers of mixed styles ranging from electronica, to indie and psychedelic, to hip hop. More info here

Egyptian Females Experimental Music Session – NTS

A playlist of experimental noise and techno music by a group of female artists from Egypt. The works are inspired by the activist Ahmed Basiony who passed away while protesting in Cairo during the January 2011 revolution. Read more here

Playlist: 18 Russian Women Making Electronic Music You Should Listen to – indie-guides.com

A selection of 18 Russian women electronic musicians from the Moscow-based singer-songwriter and music producer Jekka. Read more here

Bitchtapes Women in Experimental Music – BitchMedia.org

A playlist of women in experimental music curated by Bitch Media, an organization that provides a feminist response to mainstream media and popular culture. Read more here

1200 Years of Women Composers: A Free 78-Hour Music Playlist That Takes You From Medieval Times to Now – OpenCulture.com

A 78-hour music playlist of women composers that contains 1200 years of women composers from Hildegard to Higdon, starting with Byzantine poet and composer Kassia, and ending with contemporary composers from all over the world. Read more here