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Ada Lovelace

Portrait of Ada Lovelace (2016) by Deeds Davis. Article by Anna Xambó Jan 16, 2017 Ada Lovelace is known as the first computer scientist from her work with the mathematician Charles Babbage on the Babbage’s Analytical Engine. Her published notes (Menabrea, 1843) on this seminal general-purpose computer included what is referred to as the first…
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17 for ’17: Microsoft researchers on what to expect in 2017 and 2027 – blog.microsoft.com

This article asks 17 women from Microsoft research their thoughts on how they envision their fields both in 2017 and in 10 years time. The fields discussed include natural language processing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, information retrieval, biological computation, virtual reality, social sciences, economics, software engineering, human-centered computing, mathematics, cryptography, ecology, computer vision, mobile computing,…
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‘She’s been life changing’: Why female mentors matter in tech – TheGuardian.com

This article discusses the benefits for women of finding a mentor in tech, and digs into three examples of mentors and mentees. Read more here

A woman’s place is in science – ScienceNewsforStudents.org

Personal stories and lessons learned about how to succeed in science and engineering and thoughts about how to get more girls into STEM fields. Find out more at https://www.sciencenewsforstudents.org/article/women-science-girls-STEM