Month: January 2017

Ada Lovelace

Portrait of Ada Lovelace (2016) by Deeds Davis. Article by Anna Xambó Jan 16, 2017 Ada Lovelace is known as the first computer scientist from her work with the mathematician Charles Babbage on the Babbage’s Analytical Engine. Her published notes (Menabrea, 1843) on this seminal general-purpose computer included what is referred to as the first…
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If They Can, We Can Too: Why Improving the State of Gender Diversity at GTCMT Should not be Viewed as an Impossibility

by Zachary Kondak If one takes a look at the students at GTCMT, it becomes blatantly obvious that there is an imbalance between the number of women and men. The goal of Women in Music Tech at Georgia Tech is to try and reduce this imbalance as much as possible. This goal may seem impossible to…
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Mira Calix’s Moving Museum 35 on a Chinese public bus – blog.bowers-wilkins.com

The composer and sound artist Mira Calix has presented a moving soundart installation in a Chinese public bus in Nanjing using T7 wireless speakers. The speakers are set up in a quadrophonic system. The installation has been done in collaboration with Chinese art students. Read more here

‘Electronic Music: Powered by Girls’ TURN IT UP! – TECHNEsound.org

TECHNE, a national arts education organization focused on technology workshops for women, launched the 2017 crowd-sourced fundraiser ‘Electronic Music: Powered by Girls’ to increase their reach. They raised $10,239 USD (%2 more than their goal), which is a total success! Read more here

Radio Ground work with Women – RadioContinentalDrift.wordpress.com

An underground radio has been working with women from Zubo, an organization that brings women together for self-empowerment focusing on the Binga communities in Zimbabwe. The work is based on active listening and can be listened on the radio continental drift archive. Read more here

Requiem for Pauline Oliveros – BlogtheHum.wordpress.com

A tribute to Pauline Oliveros, who passed away on November 25, 2016. Pauline Oliveros was a pioneer figure in the Post-War American avant-garde in the field of experimental sound, both as a practitioner and academic. Oliveros has inspired and influenced next generations of women in the field of music and technology equalizing the terms of…
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Verse goes viral: how young feminist writers are reclaiming poetry for the digital age – TheGuardian.com

This article discusses the fusion of writing, music, art, and technology found in a new international generation of feminist poets who use extensively social media. This generation includes Kate Tempest, Hera Lindsay Bird, Warsan Shire, Rupi Kaur, Savannah Brown, Brenna Twohy, Lily Myers, Imani Cezanne, Maxine Beneba Clarke, Koraly Dimitriadis and Nayuka Gorrie. Read more…
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17 for ’17: Microsoft researchers on what to expect in 2017 and 2027 – blog.microsoft.com

This article asks 17 women from Microsoft research their thoughts on how they envision their fields both in 2017 and in 10 years time. The fields discussed include natural language processing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, information retrieval, biological computation, virtual reality, social sciences, economics, software engineering, human-centered computing, mathematics, cryptography, ecology, computer vision, mobile computing,…
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Bitchtapes Women in Experimental Music – BitchMedia.org

A playlist of women in experimental music curated by Bitch Media, an organization that provides a feminist response to mainstream media and popular culture. Read more here

Women In Music 2016: The 100 Most Powerful Executives – Billboard.com

A review of the most powerful women in the music business. This year’s edition of Billboard’s 2016 Women in Music list included the categories of labels, publishing, live music, agencies, digital, media, branding, management and performance rights organizations, and added group music attorneys and public relations executives. Read more here