How Ableton pushes women forward in music tech –

The Berlin-based music technology company Ableton is putting an effort in promoting diversity in music. This year’s edition of Ableton’s annual Loop event showed a commitment to gender diversity. This article presents some of these women, from organizers to oral presenters. Read more here

The top 8 all-female lineups of 2016 –

This article summarizes the top 8 all-female lineups of 2016 across the world. The selected events were held in Australia, England, Germany (4 different events), Mexico, and Spain. Although this approach can be seen as extreme feminism, the authors of the article expect to raise awareness about the general trend of booking a few women […]

Sonic Cyberfeminisms: Call for Contributions

Sonic Cyberfeminisms will be held at the University of Lincoln, UK, 5-6th May 2017. Contributions include research papers, standpoint papers, workshop proposals, and performances. Five bursaries are available to help cover travel, accommodation and childcare costs. Deadline for proposals: 12 February 2017 Read more here