Month: May 2017

Heroines Of Sound Takes Place in Berlin this July – WIRE

A 3-day event that celebrates women’s contribution to avant-garde, electronic and experimental music at Radialsystem V in Berlin. There will be installations, talks, performances, videos, and so on. Dates: July 7–9, 2017. Read more here  

The Woman Who Could Draw Music – BBC

An article about Daphne Oram, who was a British pioneer in electronic music. The new play Daphne Oram’s Wonderful World of Sound by Anneke Kampman has raised interest in her life and achievements, including the Oramics machine to draw sounds. Read more here  

How Ikonika Channeled The Pain Of A Car Crash Into An R&B Sci-Fi Vision – FADER

Interview with Ikonika, who is a producer of dubstep and DJ, presenting her new album Distractions. Read more here  

How Women Mentors Make a Difference in Engineering – The Atlantic

This article presents research on the importance of women mentors for female engineering undergraduates. Preserving belonging and confidence appear to be critical aspects for a successful engineering career. Read more here  

The Crazy Adventure of Women in Music Tech

by Léa Ikkache May 10, 2017 Dear WiMT Newsletter readers, It is my pleasure to tell you the tale of this wonderful organization (Women in Music Tech) through the eyes of an insider. I am French, so allow me to start this letter with some good old grumbling. I went to a conference about Computer…
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An Interview with Yuxi (Annie) Zhang

Interview by Amruta Vidwans, Léa Ikkache, and Anna Xambó Mar 13, 2017 A few words about Yuxi (Annie) Zhang: Yuxi (Annie) Zhang is a Software Engineer at Pandora and a Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology (GTCMT) alum. She specializes in software programming, robotic musicianship, machine learning, optimization, digital signal processing and violin. Annie Zhang…
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AGF — Dys-Russian FreeQUencies 4th May 2017 – Fair Play

The well-known music producer AKG presents a compilation of 24 female Russian composers and producers. Listen to the mixed playlist here

Music: When Women Turn the Tables – TheAfricaReport.com

In this article, four DJettes or DJanes are presented from the African scene: Djette Reyo Rabat, DJ Keyzzz Accra, Dj Yemi Addis Ababa, and Dj Poppy Johannesburg. Read more here

Women in Clouds: Three ‘Ambient’ Musicians Discuss Their Art and Careers – Pink Noises

This article presents the work and practice of three ambient music artists: Julianna Barwick, Mary Lattimore and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith. Read more here

Women of Distinction honored at Leadership Conference – Georgia Tech Daily Digest

The 2017 Women of Distinction Award presents women who show outstanding leadership at Georgia Tech. The winners were announced at the Women’s Leadership Conference on April 1 at the Academy of Medicine: Errika Mallett, ENW & Associates; Léa Ikkache; Raksha Muthukuma; Jillann Hertel; and Dr. Rebecca Burnett. Read more here