Author: Anna Xambó

Big Questions

Article by Anna Weisling June 29, 2017 Photo: Still image from LADY EFFULGENT “THE UPRISING” by Tabita Svane. One of the questions we are tasked with asking ourselves at Women in Music Tech (WiMT) is, “Will ______ bring more women into the field of music technology?” This is a simple question, but one which is worth thinking…
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An Interview with Stefania Serafin

Interview by Anna Xambó, Anna Weisling, and Takumi Ogata May 15, 2017 Photo (above): Stefania in her home town Venice. A few words about Stefania: Stefania Serafin is Professor in sound for multimodal environments at Aalborg University in Copenhagen, where she pioneered the media technology program Medialogy. Her research areas include sound modeling, multimodal interfaces, and…
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Call for Participation – New Perspectives: Innovations by Women Intersecting Science, Media and Sonic Arts

A three-day conference that celebrates women’s achievements in media arts. The conference will showcase papers, demos, posters, workshops, installations and concerts. The event is hosted by the Alliance of Women in Media Arts and Technology Conference,University of California, Santa Barbara. Dates: February 8-10, 2018 University of California Santa Barbara, CA USA. Read more here  

Calling Women – IdleWomen.org

A new project to be started in St Helens, Merseyside, England, is looking for women with skills in construction, site-specific theatre, design, film and photography. Read more here  

Call for Composition – University of Music and Performing Arts Graz

We invite submission of proposals that will showcase participatory design in composition, performance and sound installation. Proposed works should have a clear connection to participation of the audience in creating the art work. We will consider submissions of existing works as well as proposals for new ones. Selected composers will work closely with us at…
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Techno In 10 Minutes With Steffi (video) – Synthopia

The Dutch house and techno producer Steffi demonstrates her mastery in a 10-minute gear tour. Read more here  

PHONOFEMME: International Festival for Women in Sound Art and Experimental Music 2017 – AllEvents.in

PHONOFEMME is a forthcoming international festival for women in sound art and experimental music which will take place in Vienna, Austria. Dates: October 22, 2017 Read more here  

How Opening Our Ears Can Open Our Minds: Hildegard Westerkamp – CBC radio

This article introduces us to the work of the soundscape composer Hildegard Westerkamp. It includes a sound-walk by Hildegard Westerkamp in Vancouver and reflections on the difference between hearing the world and listening to the world. Read more here  

Why Aren’t There More Women Working in Audio? – The Atlantic

This article discusses how to bring more women in audio. It presents the work of relevant female audio engineers and producers, as well as initiatives to bring more women in audio. This includes the organization SoundGirls.org and the related camp “Sound Camp”, which aims at encouraging girls to professional careers in audio. Read more here…
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Meet The Female Coders Pushing Electronic Music Into The Future – mixmag

This article presents the Algorave scene of live coding improvisation of electronic and dance music from the perspective of nine female live coders or bands: Norah Lorway, Belisha Beacon, Joanne Armitage, Alexandra Cardenas, Lina Bautista, Shelly Knotts, Algobabez, Heavy Lifting, and Miri Kat. Read more here