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UC San Diego Professor Pens Book on ‘Switched-On Bach’ – The San Diego Union-Tribune

This article presents the upcoming book “Wendy Carlos’ Switched-On Bach”, written by Roshanak Kheshti, professor at University of California San Diego’s. This book talks about Wendy Carlos’ 1968 “Switched-On Back” album, which interpreted Bach classics using a Moog synthesizer. Read more here  

Reading list: Women Authors on Sound and Music – Women in Sound / Women on Sound

Open reading list that aims at collecting and making visible relevant women in the fields of sound and music led by the Women in Sound / Women on Sound organization. Read more here

Programmed Inequality – The MIT Press

Programmed Inequality is a book written by Marie Hicks on how women in computing were gradually pushed out of the industry. The book discusses the economic consequences for the UK of their disappearance and establishes connections with the United State Read more here