Reading list: Women Authors on Sound and Music – Women in Sound / Women on Sound

Open reading list that aims at collecting and making visible relevant women in the fields of sound and music led by the Women in Sound / Women on Sound organization.

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  1. Dear Women in Music Tech-Team,

    I’ve found your website, congrats, this is amazing! I’m a music journalist (with http://www.norient.com and Swiss Public Radio) doing programs and writing articles about electronic music, sound art and questions related to technology and music.

    Currently I’m organizing a panel discussion in Switzerland about Artificial Intelligence and music and I’m hardly searching for a female composer (from Europe) who has already worked with AI-systems or programs – no way to have just man on this panel. Could you drop some names? On your website I’ve found super interesting researchers, but I’m more looking for a musician…

    That would be amazing. Unfortunately it’s quite urgent, I was on the phone for finding somebody more than two weeks, without success so far. I hope you can help!

    Warm greetings,


  2. Lea says:

    Hi Theresa,
    Thanks for your message! Unfortunately, we’ve asked around and haven’t found any women composers who work in AI from Europe… We’ll comment here if we find any!
    Good luck for the panel!

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