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Women in Sound: Addressing the Music Industry’s Gender Gap – The Conversation

This article discusses the origin of the gender gap in the sound industry. The organization Women in Sound Women on Sound launched a program to teach young people about music and sound, focusing on important contributions by women. Read more here

Reading list: Women Authors on Sound and Music – Women in Sound / Women on Sound

Open reading list that aims at collecting and making visible relevant women in the fields of sound and music led by the Women in Sound / Women on Sound organization. Read more here

Birmingham filmmakers make SXSW debut with Suzanne Ciani documentary – Al.com

The new documentary “A Life in Waves” will be presented at the Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas in March. This film focuses on the life of Suzanne Ciani, an Italian American panist and composer of electronic music. Read more here

The Sound of Story 2016: Women in Sound – LIGHTHOUSE

As part of Brighton’s Cinecity Film Festival, a new Women in Sound forum and mentoring programme is presented. The forum will take place on November 17, 2016, 11am-6pm. 12-15 participants will be selected to participate in the forum followed by a mentorship over a 3-month period. Read more here