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Female Electronica//Indie Rock//Hip Hop #10 Playlist – Mixcloud.com

A playlist of female musicians and composers of mixed styles ranging from electronica, to indie and psychedelic, to hip hop. More info here

Behind the Numbers: Attendance and Diversity in Electronic Music Conferences

by Anna Weisling March 1, 2017 One year ago I attended the fifth annual National Student Electronic Music Event (NSEME), a conference created by and for student musicians and composers. I was excited, as I always am, to be exposed to a weekend of music and art from individuals from all across of the country…
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Chicago’s Smartbar to Host Workshop Series Focusing on Women in Music – MixMag.net

During March 2017, a series of free workshops have taken place at Chicago’s smartbar as part of Daphne: A Women’s Movement In Dance Music. The workshops have covered topics like artist promotion, DJ mechanics, and woman and genderqueer artists. Read more here

Egyptian Females Experimental Music Session – NTS

A playlist of experimental noise and techno music by a group of female artists from Egypt. The works are inspired by the activist Ahmed Basiony who passed away while protesting in Cairo during the January 2011 revolution. Read more here

Birmingham filmmakers make SXSW debut with Suzanne Ciani documentary – Al.com

The new documentary “A Life in Waves” will be presented at the Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas in March. This film focuses on the life of Suzanne Ciani, an Italian American panist and composer of electronic music. Read more here

Playlist: 18 Russian Women Making Electronic Music You Should Listen to – indie-guides.com

A selection of 18 Russian women electronic musicians from the Moscow-based singer-songwriter and music producer Jekka. Read more here

Mira Calix’s Moving Museum 35 on a Chinese public bus – blog.bowers-wilkins.com

The composer and sound artist Mira Calix has presented a moving soundart installation in a Chinese public bus in Nanjing using T7 wireless speakers. The speakers are set up in a quadrophonic system. The installation has been done in collaboration with Chinese art students. Read more here

‘Electronic Music: Powered by Girls’ TURN IT UP! – TECHNEsound.org

TECHNE, a national arts education organization focused on technology workshops for women, launched the 2017 crowd-sourced fundraiser ‘Electronic Music: Powered by Girls’ to increase their reach. They raised $10,239 USD (%2 more than their goal), which is a total success! Read more here

Björk Slams Media Sexism in Powerful Open Letter: “Eat Your Bechdel Test Heart Out” – Pitchfork.com

Björk complained in an open letter on biased and sexist comments about her DJ sets at Day For Night in Houston. She was criticized for not performing and hiding behind the decks. Björk raised that male DJs do not receive the same critiques. Read more here

The First Annual Women in Music Tech: Concert and Reception

by Léa Ikkache, Ashis Pati, and Anna Xambó Women in Music Tech was proud to introduce its first ever event: a concert & reception on November 2nd, 2016 at the wonderful venue The Garage. This was a daunting task (we started organizing 5 weeks ahead only), but the outcome was satisfactory: the place was packed,…
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