Celebrating the 1st Anniversary of WiMT Newsletter

Article by Amruta Vidwans Jun 23, 2017 When we started Women in Music Tech in Spring 2016, among our objectives was to keep motivating women to join Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields, in particular music technology. One way to do that was: 1) to give updates of activities happening within Georgia Tech and […]

The Crazy Adventure of Women in Music Tech

by Léa Ikkache May 10, 2017 Dear WiMT Newsletter readers, It is my pleasure to tell you the tale of this wonderful organization (Women in Music Tech) through the eyes of an insider. I am French, so allow me to start this letter with some good old grumbling. I went to a conference about Computer […]

Women of Robotics – Georgia Tech Daily Digest

Ten Georgia Tech women in robotics are highlighted in this article, in a field that is moving slowly towards parity: Kalesha Bullard, Sonia Chernova, Vivian Chu, Brittney English, Karen Feigh, Tesca Fitzgerald, Ayanna Howard, Karen Liu, María Santos, and Britney Schmidt. Read more here

Implicit Bias Workshops – Institute Diversity (Georgia Tech)

90-minute workshops offered for faculty on implcit bias and perceptions of competence. The workshops are organized by Institute of Diversity in collaboration with Georgia Tech’s ADVANCE program. Find out more at http://www.advance.gatech.edu/implicit-bias-workshops

Gender Equity Conversations Move to Phase of Action – Daily Digest

From conversations among female students, faculty, and staff on gender-related Georgia Tech campus issues, a set of recommendations has been started to be implemented.. This includes promoting gender equity and celebrating the contribution of women in the community. Find out more at http://www.news.gatech.edu/2016/05/05/gender-equity-conversations-move-phase-action