November 9th: Save the Date!

The Women in Music Tech group is proud to announce the second edition of their fall concert and reception! Immerse yourself in the universe of Movement and Music through music technology and discover how we control music with gestures and videos with sound features, while exploring the intimate relationship between dance and music with us. […]

The First Annual Women in Music Tech: Concert and Reception

by Léa Ikkache, Ashis Pati, and Anna Xambó Women in Music Tech was proud to introduce its first ever event: a concert & reception on November 2nd, 2016 at the wonderful venue The Garage. This was a daunting task (we started organizing 5 weeks ahead only), but the outcome was satisfactory: the place was packed, […]

November 2nd: Save the Date!

What: Women in Music Tech, free concert & reception Where: the Garage (Tech Square) When: Nov 2nd, 7pm For a little over a year, people have found it very easy to remember me. They just had to think, ‘Oh, she’s the music technology major’. It’s such an unexpected and uncommon thing to study that it […]