What: Women in Music Tech, free concert & reception
Where: the Garage (Tech Square)
When: Nov 2nd, 7pm

For a little over a year, people have found it very easy to remember me. They just had to think, ‘Oh, she’s the music technology major’. It’s such an unexpected and uncommon thing to study that it just sticks in people’s minds. Most of the people I meet did not even know there was a Music Tech department in Georgia Tech. This November 2nd will be the opportunity for Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology (GTCMT) students to show to the campus what we are about. Talk about what we spend our days – and some nights – researching and building, things that normal people never fail to find captivating, but don’t get to see enough. We will be offering to the undergraduates a show that will demonstrate what we do, and make this campus a little more music technology-aware.

This concert, organized by Women in Music Tech, is our first initiative as a student organization to spread the word about GTCMT on campus and get a more gender-balanced set of applications over the course of next year. In this event, we will be collaborating with the GT women’s choir, thus sharing our experience with some of the female engineers and musicians at Georgia Tech. The show will be focused on the work of Women in Music Technology as a homage that aims at promoting feminine role models, a work that, although it is essential to the field, is sometimes less advertised.

Besides the women’s choir, we are pleased to welcome Orchestra for Females and Laptops (OFFAL), an international female laptop orchestra, who will perform a commissioned piece. Female laptopists will connect from different parts of the world to livecode their piece, Union. Another work will operate with mobile audience participation: Do the buzzer shake, where audience members create a sound atmosphere using their smartphones. You will also listen to student compositions and arrangements, demonstrations of live coding and of the tools created in GTCMT to foster music composition and performance.

Performances will be intertwined with one-minute lightning talks during this one-hour concert to introduce some of the research topics we are working on. After the concert, guests will be welcome to grab a bite and drinks while discussing matters of interest with the performers and the Women in Music Tech organization. This reception will feature a DJ set from Nikhil Bhanu with chill, deep techno/house and bass music, focusing on works from women in music production. We have the chance to be partners with the Sandbox ATL (the membership club of Tech Square) for this concert, who graciously allowed us to use the wonderful venue we’ll be performing in, The Garage (848 Spring St NW, Atlanta, GA 30308). Don’t think twice: come on November 2nd, 2016, at 7pm to discover and explore the Music Tech world!

We are also very grateful to the School of Music, the College of Design, the ADVANCE program, and the Women’s Resource Center, who are financially supporting Women in Music Tech. Also special thanks to the Office of the Arts and the ADVANCE program for their help. Thanks to all who made this possible!

More info here.

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