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Applications Women Shaping Tomorrow: Workshop Series 2017 – FabricLondon.com

In order to increase the number of female headliners in electronic music, Fabric London organizes progress career workshops for DJs and electronic musicians. Dates: 2-4 May, 2017 Read more here

Behind the Numbers: Attendance and Diversity in Electronic Music Conferences

by Anna Weisling March 1, 2017 One year ago I attended the fifth annual National Student Electronic Music Event (NSEME), a conference created by and for student musicians and composers. I was excited, as I always am, to be exposed to a weekend of music and art from individuals from all across of the country…
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Call for Scores – Listening to Ladies

Female composers of any age and nationality are invited to submit scores for live electronics. The concerts will take place in California and New York in the Fall of 2017. Deadline: Thursday, June 1st, 2017 Read more here

Birmingham filmmakers make SXSW debut with Suzanne Ciani documentary – Al.com

The new documentary “A Life in Waves” will be presented at the Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas in March. This film focuses on the life of Suzanne Ciani, an Italian American panist and composer of electronic music. Read more here

Playlist: 18 Russian Women Making Electronic Music You Should Listen to – indie-guides.com

A selection of 18 Russian women electronic musicians from the Moscow-based singer-songwriter and music producer Jekka. Read more here

How Ableton pushes women forward in music tech – ElectronicBeats.net

The Berlin-based music technology company Ableton is putting an effort in promoting diversity in music. This year’s edition of Ableton’s annual Loop event showed a commitment to gender diversity. This article presents some of these women, from organizers to oral presenters. Read more here

How Daphne Oram’s Radical Turntable Experiments Were Brought to Life after 70 Years – Factmag.com

This article discusses Daphne Oram’s piece for turntables and orchestra, “Still Point”. So ahead in time! Read more here