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Women in Music Tech Logo: Chinese Whispers and Collaborative Design

by Anna Xambó and Anna Weisling October 20, 2016 This month Women in Music Tech celebrates three important accomplishments: 1) we have launched the first issue of our newsletter, 2) we are finishing the preparations for our welcome concert and reception at The Garage on November 2, 2016, and 3) we have a logo! Identity…
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November 2nd: Save the Date!

What: Women in Music Tech, free concert & reception Where: the Garage (Tech Square) When: Nov 2nd, 7pm For a little over a year, people have found it very easy to remember me. They just had to think, ‘Oh, she’s the music technology major’. It’s such an unexpected and uncommon thing to study that it…
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“Joni Mitchell Made Me Realize That I Can Write Songs”

by Chris Laguna Occasionally you come across a situation so unexpected that it prompts you to reexamine your worldview. Perhaps this has happened to you this year. For me, such a moment occurred earlier this month (October) while reading an AMA. An AMA (Ask Me Anything) is a concept that was introduced by Reddit involving…
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How Daphne Oram’s Radical Turntable Experiments Were Brought to Life after 70 Years – Factmag.com

This article discusses Daphne Oram’s piece for turntables and orchestra, “Still Point”. So ahead in time! Read more here