Women in Music Tech
@ Georgia Tech

Creating a community for women and all minorities to network and find support in the academic and professional field of Music Technology.

What We Have Been Up To

WiMT Members at SMPC 2022 Conference

Between August 4-7, WiMT/GTCMT members (from left to right), Rhythm, Noel, John, Robert, Rosa, and Sophia, presented their work at the Society for Music Perception and Cognition (SMPC) 2022 Conference[…]

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Big Questions

Article by Anna Weisling June 29, 2017 Photo:┬áStill image from LADY EFFULGENT “THE UPRISING” by┬áTabita Svane. One of the questions we are tasked with asking ourselves at Women in Music[…]

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November 9th: Save the Date!

The Women in Music Tech group is proud to announce the second edition of their fall concert and reception! Immerse yourself in the universe of Movement and Music through music[…]

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